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Your SMS direct to our page
If you are travelling or at a party or at other events and you have informations like traffic controls or just some friendly greetings, party place changings or whatever - send it now by sms, directly to our page and show it to the planet.

Start your sms with:   followed by 1 space   then your message text   followed by 1 space   then last word (must be)  xyz   in small letters (no SIGN before it only a space. Maximum characters 155 - including all. In case you don't have the sign - @ - you can use the star - * - GERMAN VODAFONE: use the star in any case. here is my message xyz

Best is to save a template to your phone and then only change the inside message. NOTICE: All providers have different numbers where you have to send the sms. If you don't know your number - below we have a provider list.

Phone number of your provider you have to use: -- click here --

As you will see we don't have all numbers. In case you have annother one from the missing numbers please send it to us by e-mail.
If you want to run this ticker on your page so get in touch with us and we will give you the source code.

This ticker is running automaticly on following pages:

Get in touch around the world - get interzoned !